Jon Baldie

This website is a summary of what I'm doing. It was suggested by a friend that I make it on the grounds that an account of my achievements and activities would not be uninteresting.

I can be reached at [email protected] or you can follow me at @jonbaldie.


I am a semi-professional track and field athlete, specialising in the 100m event.

I am completely self-coached, although I would be ungrateful not to recognise the help provided by staff, fellow athletes, and friends.

Web Development

I work primarily as a web developer using the PHP programming language, and indirectly as a database administrator primarily working with MySQL databases.

I have worked on projects ranging from small brick-and-mortar business websites, to leading the development of highly complex production-level applications .

I am a contributor to the Laravel framework, and more recently to PHP-ML, where I have done extensive work developing neural network models in PHP.

I also administer several Docker images which have grown rapidly in popularity due to their simplicity and stability.


I have created comprehensive study materials for the latter subject on my website Further Maths Tutor. I made the study materials in the interests of 'giving back' and owing to my belief that all maths should be free.

In my study materials I have made sure to include pages for the MEI specifications, because I admire the work done by the Further Mathematics Support Programme in creating opportunities for students to study A-level further maths. Indeed I personally benefitted from the programme when I did my A-levels.

I have a BSc (Hons) degree in Mathematics from the University of Edinburgh, and am studying part-time for an MSc in Mathematics at the Open University.


I've had a varied history in blogging that I've mostly left behind me, having created The Pryer in 2011, a student-led international relations blog, and having been appointed Editor-in-Chief of LeftCentral the same year, which opened up many opportunities like writing a chapter of a book for the Universal Postal Union, one of my proudest achievements.

What started it all though was being Sub-Editor of The Vibe, a political blog, where I learned much about journalism and online publishing. My proudest achievement there was interviewing former UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband, earning this tweet from him.