AutoCrit is Storing Your Password in Plaintext


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The book editing service is storing its users' passwords in plaintext.

When you ask to 'reset' your password, they send you your actual password in plaintext:

AutoCrit plaintext password email

Why is this bad?

A website storing a password in plain text means that your password is there, waiting for someone to come and take it. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve created the strongest possible password. It’s just there.

Whether it’s someone hacking into their servers, using a simple flaw in their site or even stealing their backups, over 30% of sites store plain text passwords.

I notified them of this urgent issue on the 10th August and they brushed off my concerns, just resetting my password and sending it to me again:

Initial email

I also sent a tweet out to get the warning out there and make sure this gets fixed as soon as possible:

Please share this so that AutoCrit sort out their security procedure! We need to name and shame websites into taking their users' security seriously.

For further information:

Posted on: 2nd September, 2018

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