Special Thanks and Acknowledgements for The 24 Laws of Storytelling

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Thank You

In my book The 24 Laws of Storytelling I listed thanks and acknowledgements for those who helped to make the book possible. Following the literary tradition, I also cited the primary sources I used in the book's Selected Bibliography section.

In this blog post, I would like to extend special thanks and acknowledgements to those who deserve credit for their part in helping me write the book. Let's begin!

Alisha Moore and Damon Freeman I am absolutely delighted with the cover design work by Damonza. As a self-published author I knew I needed a professional-looking cover design, and Damonza delivered on this need.

Rebecca Allen Becca’s copy-editing services were invaluable in the production of my first book. She found errors, inconsistencies, and style issues with impressive efficiency—all delivered a week ahead of schedule. Highly recommended and will hire again for future writing projects.

Chris Winkle of Mythcreants Chris was gracious enough to give me permission to quote her in an excerpt for my Reflect Reality in Fantasy chapter. You can find the source for her citation in this blog post on worldbuilding, and you should follow her website Mythcreants for great content on storytelling.

Chris Stuckmann Another Chris to thank, whose YouTube videos reignited my love for stories. His down-to-earth style and demonstrable awe at movies make his the best movie review channel on YouTube, indeed the internet as a whole. I learned so much from Chris about what makes stories good and bad, and gained from him an appreciation for the film-making process. I cannot fail to acknowledge his contributions—however indirect—to this project.

YOU the readers Most of all, I want to thank you for reading the book. I wrote this book to help storytellers, and if I have helped even one of you improve your manuscript or screenplay, then I can count this project a success.

And if you haven't checked out the book yet? Well, wouldn't now be the perfect opportunity to grab your copy?

I did my best to attain permission to use quotations and excerpts, however I did not receive replies to most of my requests. I will stress that seeking permission is the polite and respectful thing to do, but it is not legally required—Fair Use protects authors using quotations and excerpts from public or copyrighted works, provided that they are for critical analysis and commentary, with full credit and attribution.

Posted on: 18th November, 2018

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