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New Writing Craft Books! And New Podcasts

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You can now read my two new writing craft books, Write Your Novel and, as of today, Beauty.

Write Your Novel is a general collection of tools and strategies for aspiring storytellers, but in a much more condensed form than my first book, The 24 Laws of Storytelling.

Beauty, which is now live, is a distilled look at awe, wonder, and the sublime in stories. My goal with this book is to show you that sublime fiction is both achievable and actionable, with examples from literature and cinema.

These two books are part of my Short Reads Collection, which I’m adding to in the coming months with further books.

Social Intelligence, or “How Not to Be a Dick at Work”

For context, Social Intelligence is a book that shows you how an understanding of human nature can make work and life more enjoyable and much less stressful.

Much of our daily stress does not come from our workload, but instead from our interactions with other people. This book is my attempt to help you bypass this problem by taking a more empathetic approach to work and life.

You can buy the book now, and I’m expecting to release the audiobook version in January/February 2020.

New podcast episodes

If you’re a longtime friend of the newsletter, you’ll know that in May I launched a podcast named “Create with Jonathan Baldie”.

Because I was near the end of writing Social Intelligence, I left this podcast by the wayside, making a mental note to continue my podcasting experiment once my schedule cleared up again.

After much thought and deliberation, I’ve decided to reshuffle my podcast into a new structure, including two brand new podcasts that I’ll be updating regularly from today onwards:

Create with Jonathan Baldie will become a Tim Ferriss-style interview podcast for long-form discussions on topics around storytelling, creativity, and human nature.

If you write or engage in creative work of any form, and you’d like to feature as a guest on this podcast, then send me an email any time and we'll have a chat.

Understanding Stories is a new solo podcast series where I’ll be uploading episodes on storytelling tools, techniques, and strategies to help your next story become a bestseller.

I think out of all of these, this will be the most relevant for this newsletter list, and I’m really excited to explain some of the storytelling techniques I’ve learned in audio form.

Understanding War is a second new podcast series where I’ll be uploading episodes on humanity’s most impactful conflicts in history, with notes on how to use those lessons in the modern world.

I suspect this podcast may not resonate as much as the other two, but I'm a huge history nerd and I love studying historical conflicts because they reveal so much about human nature.

Please subscribe to the above three podcasts if they sound interesting, and leave a good review if you like the content!

Posted on: 29th November, 2019

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