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I am very excited to announce that my new book is available for pre-order, and to let you know about some exclusive bonuses only available to you, and for a limited time.

At work, most of our stress and anxiety does not come from the work itself, but from our mutual misunderstandings with other people. These misunderstandings cause problems, and in turn these problems cause us a lot of pain. Why do we struggle to win people over to our ideas? Why do we feel so defensive all the time? How can we motivate our team to perform better? How can we defend ourselves when a toxic colleague tries to steal credit from us?

Fortunately, there is a proven way to solve all of these problems. A way to stop feeling emotional about your colleagues’ actions, and instead start taking control over your working life. A form of deep empathy that will help you to decode the confusing actions of others. We will call this sense Social Intelligence. Developing this sense does not require any special tools, only the willingness to absorb yourself deeply into other people’s perspectives.

If you pre-order the book before October 31st, and forward your receipt email to, you will receive exclusive bonuses that will not be available after the book is launched.

Bonus Materials:

  • Behind the Scenes Q&A on Social Intelligence. An 11-page look at the themes behind Social Intelligence, ways to apply it to daily life, defeating workplace bullies and tyrannical bosses, and a behind-the-scenes look into the making of the book.

  • Fiction Writing and the Drafting Process. A 20,000-word transcript of an interview between myself and Steve Bivans, a prominent historical novelist. Together, we go through every part of the fiction writing process from research and planning all the way through drafting and publishing your novel. This book-length bonus feature contains hundreds of valuable tips and strategies for all aspiring writers.

  • Extra Bonus for First 50 Pre-Orders Only: A Free Copy of The 24 Laws of Storytelling Audiobook. Perhaps the most valuable bonus of all, you will receive a redeemable coupon code. You can download a complimentary 10-hour audiobook, normally priced at $20 on Audible, today if you pre-order Social Intelligence. This is available for readers in the US and UK only. Act fast!

Social Intelligence takes you on a journey of self-discovery that will make your working life, improve your leadership skills, and help you to defend yourself from toxic types. By extracting a set of timeless principles from the masters of the social realm, you will gain the ability to understand others and get the best out of the people you work with. This book will teach you the strategies used by leaders, both past and present, to start working with the grain of human nature, rather than fight constant energy-sapping battles that distract you from your work. Your journey into a new realm of empathy, power, and influence is about to begin.

I hope you will enjoy reading Social Intelligence when it is released on November 15th, a project I poured my mind and soul into over the last year.

Pre-Order the Book Today

If you don’t take up this offer before October 31st, you’ll never be able to access these bonus materials ever again. The combined value of these bonus materials goes way beyond the pre-order price, so I hope you pre-order my new book today.

Posted on: 16th August, 2019

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